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AVEO V3DO™ Lens Photochromic

AVEO V3DO™ Lens Photochromic


Iride sunglasses redefine the look of traditional high performance sports eyewear.

- Filter category 0 > 3 | 23%-80%
- Interchangeable V3DO™ Lens
- S
cratch resistant polycarbonate
- Optical cone: 180°
- UV400 Protection

- Weight: 13g

V3DO ™ lenses control the color spectrum to enhance contrast and color definition for clearer vision in running and cycling environments.

Through the choice of the highest quality raw materials and thanks to innovative production processes, V3DO ™ lenses are born, an example of purity, optical quality and durability.

Our lenses represent all the essence of AVEO.

> Increased contrast
> Vibrance of colors

*V3DO ™ lens technology is present in all variations of our lenses and available for each of our models