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Galactic Collection

Inspired by the sense of adventure and thrill of survival associated with long distance randonneuring Temple Project presents its Galactic Collection featuring the men’s Lunar kit and the women's Orion kit. 

Men's Lunar Kit

The men’s Lunar kit captures the rough  black and white contrast of the moon surface. 

 Women's Orion Kit

The women’s Orion kit featuring an eclectic palette of celestial colours; rouge red, fuscia, and teal.
The bib short features a detachable clip so you don’t have to remove your jersey to get access for bathroom breaks.  



Bali 400 - Inspiration for the Galactic Kit

Back in 2013 we signed up for our first long distance audax, the Bali 400. It would be the first time doing over 200 for all of us and we entered the event undertrained but overoptimistic. After a hot climb up  over Kintamani we plunged down into Lovina and off towards Gilimanuk with the sun setting in front of us. That evening we were treated to the most zen cycling experience ever. In the early hours of the morning as a group of 6 riders in single file we took turns pulling on the front as we snaked through Bali's national forest. With only the front rider's light illuminating the road we were a ghost train shrouded in the luminescent red hue of our taillights. To our right and left we could barely make out the faint outline of trees against the dark blue pockmarked sky as the faint roar of tire on asphalt and occasional freewheeling ‘click-clack’ accentuated the silence of the night. Despite the fatigue and seemingly unbearable weight of road grime coked to our eyelids we laboured through the last few hours of darkness to our final destination of Uluwatu.