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Shoe Lab - Shoed you? Yes, you shoed.

Posted by Bryan Cockrell on
Shoe Lab - Shoed you? Yes, you shoed.

Navigating the ocean of running shoes available on the market can be a daunting task.  For some it can take years before they find that right combination of fit, feel, support, and design that all gels together to make the miles melt away. The task is further complicated by the finicky ebb and flow of changing trends in the industry.  The less-is-more trend of bare-foot running or minimalist shoes have come head to head with the growing trend of ‘maximalism’, evidenced by the explosive growth in the popularity of Hoka running shoes.  How is a consumer to spend his/her hard earned money on the right shoe with so many similar and competing philosophies out there? 

Now imagine trying to find that perfect shoe except this time you are constrained to just the big names in the industry, and just those limited models that some country manager in Beaverton, Oregon decided would most closely match your consumer tastes as opposed to your training needs.  So that begs the question, where can one go in Jakarta to find a good selection of running shoes that covers the niche or specialist brands that we read about on the internet, but rarely see in the major sports stores or department stores? 

If you have been to Darmawangsa Square in South Jakarta you could be forgiven for not realizing that this female focused lifestyle mall is actually a hotbed for triathlon activity.  Down in the basement among the parked cars is one of Jakarta’s best kept secrets, SukaOutdoor Shoe Lab. 

Started by SukaOutdoor founder Wenny Goutama, the Shoe Lab is designed to be an extension of the SukaOutdoor franchise specifically targeted to providing runners and triathletes a unique shopping experience offering hard to find brands of niche and specialty running shoes.  Carrying brands such as ‘maximalist’ specialist Hoka, tri-specific Zoot, hi-tech Swiss brand On, outdoor specialist Salomon, Shoe Lab provides plenty of variety for those folks who are curious to sample something outside the regular menu of Nike, Adidas, and Reebok.

 Shoe Lab store

              Additionally, Shoe Lab offers customers an opportunity to have their running gait analysed via the Templo gait analysis software.  The software will record a video of the customer running barefoot on the in-store treadmill to get a baseline measurement of their natural gait.  Based on the results the Shoe Lab technician will recommend some options of running shoes to help correct any bad habits (over-pronation/supination etc.).  The customer can then try out the different shoe options by running on the treadmill supported by additional video analysis to see how each particular shoe affects their gait.  At the very least, it is helpful to have an opportunity to try out shoes on the treadmill before you decide to buy.   

 Shoe Lab brand selection

              Once you have decided on your new weapon of choice for tearing up the asphalt Shoe Lab also carries a wide selection of elastic laces, running socks, and various other related products to keep your shoes smelling clean and looking fresh.  So if you’ve been delaying purchase of your next set of tarmac eaters give Shoe Lab a try for something new. 

 Shoe Lab accessories

Sometimes we’re reluctant to try out a new type of running shoe or brand.  So to help reduce the purchase anxiety Temple Project together with Shoe Lab would like to gift you with a 10% off coupon applicable towards the purchase of any pair of shoes at Shoe Lab.  Just mention Temple Project to the Shoe Lab technician at payment and provide your email and you will be good to go. 

Please note that the above offer is good for 1-time use only, is valid until 15th May 2016, applicable to non-sale shoes only, 1-pair of shoes only, is not able to be combined with any other discounts or promotions, and only for Inner Circle newsletter subscribers as of 12:44pm 14th April, 2016. 


Shoe Lab details
Location: Basement level of Darmawangsa Square #39, Jl. Darmawangsa VI No.19 (google map it).
Opening hours: 9am – 9pm all days
Telephone: (021) 72780769

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