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Rp. 33,000,000.00

FFWD's dedicated wheel set for gravel bikes!

These full carbon wheels are developed to take you further and anywhere you want. They can take some!


    • Weight 1620.0 gram
    • Max rider weight 120 kg
    • Tubeless-ready
    • Innertube compatible

    With a road wheel line up that is also suitable for light gravel use we saw the trend and growing demand for this category. We started a development process to create an unique and dedicated gravel wheel set. With durability being the key specification in mind we carefully designed the rim and put it together with only the best components you can think of.

    Durability and agility to provide you the most fun gravel rides!
    While weight is normally one of the most interesting specifications to check we took a different approach when it came to producing the best wheels for gravel. In our choices weight is important but should not compromise other areas such as durability and agility. For the DRIFT it was even more important as they need to last and cope with whatever comes on your gravel paths. You will find this in the DT Swiss Aerocomp spokes and brass nipples for example. The thicker spokes offer more rigidity and durability and can take some hits.

    Choose the hubs that fits you
    There’s a choice between the new high-end FFWD hubs or the DT Swiss 240 EXP hubs. The FFWD hubs feature a 2:1 spoke ratio and also have the ratchet engagement system as well as big bearings for extra longevity. The DT240 hubs have an improved EXP ratchet system and offer an even higher precision with fast engagement, increased stiffness combined with a lower weight.

    These ingredients bring you stiffness and more power transmission when you put the wheels in motion. All your energy will result in more and easy miles off-road and thus more time to enjoy your ride!

    Hookless design for tubeless!
    The newly designed hookless rim features an internal width of 24mm only to be used with tubeless tires. A special carbon layup is chosen to deal with higher impacts when riding on low tire pressure on more heavy gravel roads.

    It offers the possibility for a broad range of tire options from 30mm up to 60mm and with that no excuse for the terrain you will attack!

    The set puts merely 1515 grams on the scale and comes as complete package with tubeless tape and valves packed nicely in a protective FFWD wheel bag!

    DRIFT is the first dedicated gravel wheel that marks the start of this category for FFWD!